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Murder At High Noon

You and your team are immersed in a old west murder scene where your detective skills are needed to solve a murder that occurred at the town's saloon. With a limited window of opportunity to search the murder scene, you must find the evidence and identify the suspect before your access to the crime scene is lost. (max 8)

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Mad Scientist

The mad science lab is exactly as it sounds. You and your party find yourselves trapped inside the laboratory of a mad scientist and must conquer interactive puzzles based on the physical sciences, involving electricity, gravity and much more in order to escape before your time runs out. (max 8)

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You and your gang of master thieves catch wind that a high-priced diamond is being kept in the evidence locker at the county jail. You and the gang devise a plan to get arrested on purpose to put you closer to the diamond. You have only one hour to break out of jail, locate the diamond, and escape the room. (max 10)

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Expert Level

You and your bomb squad have been called in to deactivate bombs and save the city from total mass destruction. In this high-thrilled game of twists and turns, all bombs are wired to explode. You and your team have only one hour before the last tick tock, then BOOM! (max 6)

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