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What is an escape room?
An escape room is a physical adventure game in which players are locked in a room and have to use elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles and escape within a set time limit. Games are set in a variety of fictional locations and are popular as team building exercises.

1. What happens if we do not book all of the available tickets for a time frame?
If you purchase less than the maximum number of tickets for the room, you will be working with others. If you want the room to yourself, you can purchase all of the available tickets but don’t need to have everyone in attendance.

2. Are there a minimum number of participants needed per room?
There is no minimum requirement but less than four participants can be challenging. Remember, if you purchase less than the maximum number of tickets for the room you may be playing with other people, including children.

3. What happens if I am late?
Please arrive at least 15 minutes early, to your game start time. Games will begin exactly at their start time and being late may cause you to have less than 60 minutes to play. If the game is already in play, we will not be able to let you in to join the remainder of your team.

4. How long do we need?
Each game is designed for 1 hour of intense fun. Debriefing and photos may take additional time.

5. How early should we arrive for our game?
15 minutes will be enough for rules and orientation

6. Do I need reservations to participate in escape rooms?
Yes, online booking, but walk-ins are allowed provided there is a time slot available

7. Can children participate?
Young children can participate but all children under 16 must be accompanied by a guardian of at least 18 years of age. We encourage young minds to be challenged by our puzzles, but do not recommend the Murder room. Some puzzles and clues may be too challenging for some young children to enjoy.

8. Are we really locked inside the room and what if we have to leave?
Yes and No. You will be in a room with a locked door, but every door is equipped with an emergency exit button. Should you feel the need to leave the room, you are welcome to do so at any time.

9. What should we bring with us?
Your wits about you and if you wear reading glasses bring them.

10. Can I do the escape room more than once?
You are welcome to do the room more than once, but the puzzles will only change if the room theme is changed. We would not want you to spoil the puzzle-solving fun for others on your team that may be doing it for the first time.

11. What happens if we don’t escape in time?
It’s a challenging game and many get close and do not get out in time. At the end of 60 minutes, the Game Master will unlock the room and you may ask questions. Keep the clues and riddles a secret so others may enjoy them in the future.

12. Is this a haunted house?

13. Are walk-ins allowed?
Yes, as long as there are room openings

14. Can I have the room just for my group?
Yes, if you buy all the slots available for that timeframe

15. I would like to bring a private group outside of your scheduled hours, is this possible?
Yes, please contact us for details.

16. Is it possible to purchase gift certificates?

17. Are we allowed to bring our bags, cellphones or cameras inside?
We request that you bring only that which is necessary for your person. Photographs are not permitted inside the Escape Room

18. Are we allowed to eat or drink in the room?
Food and drinks are not permitted in the escape room facility. Water is available on site at no charge.



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